Umang Idol:
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Get ready to unveil the singer within you as Rainbow Fest presents RF Idol, the solo singing competition through which the talented singers from across the state take a shot to fame. From folk to filmy songs, the stage is set for you to mesmerize the audience and win exciting prizes.


  1. Participants can sing a song (in Hindi or English or both) and it can be a movie song, an album song, or his/her original composition.
  2. The time of performance should be at max 3 minutes.
  3. Participants have to bring sound tracks in CD/pen drive and submit the tracks at the beginning of the prelims.


  1. Participants need to perform a single song (in Hindi, English or both), the soundtrack for which they will submit to the Organizing Committee prior to the event in readable CD/pen drive.
  2. This is strictly a solo event and no accompanists or backing vocals are allowed.
  3. Performers will be disqualified on the spot for Misconduct, Obscenity or foul language..

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of voice
  • Sense of scale and beat
  • Quality of rendition
  • Improvisation
  • Pronunciation of lyrics
  • Mood and expression
  • Overall impact
  • The decision of the judges and the coordinators shall be final and binding in all cases.


This is a karaoke event. Professionals from a karaoke singing portal will be conducting the event with the help of their karaoke software.

  1. The music for the selected song would be provided by the organizers.
  2. Performance time will 5 minutes.
  3. Maximum two vocalists are allowed for this event.
  4. Musibuzz:

    It is the most prestigious rock band competition of the groups of band of college students, the event is organized by Bce Bhagalpur. Background beat i.e. music is provided by orchestra of management team of college.


    1. The team size will be minimum of 3 members per team.
    2. Maximum number of participants per team is 5.
    3. All the essential equipments are provided by management team of college itself.
    4. Performers can perform on the songs of famous artist or the recorded songs or self composed track.
    5. High quality mic system and speakers are provided by management team of college.