Umang Idol:
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RF Drama: If you think you can you can mesmerize the audience with acting, script, dialogues and sets – then RF DRAMA is your call! Once the stage is set and all is ready – it is show time! RF DRAMA stage is the platform to express yourself with your talent. Just goes for it!
  1. The team size will be minimum of 5 members per team.
  2. Language of the play can be English/Hindi.
  3. Microphones and backstage mikes for narration, lights, and a laptop to play sounds will be provided.
  4. The script can be original or an adaptation.
  5. No props will be provided, however teams can use their own props.
  6. External music is allowed.
  7. The contestants are PROHIBITED to use vulgar words, acts and expressions within their presentation.
  8. It is essential that a team should be composed of students from the same Institutes.