TECHNORITI is the umbrella name for the annual techno-management cum cultural fest organised by the students of Bhagalpur College of Engineering, Bhagalpur. Technoriti is the amalgamation of two words, ‘Techno’ and ‘riti’. The term ‘Techno’ refers to technology, and ‘riti’ refers to cultural values and ethics. The four day fest kicks off with various techno-management events and finally ends with UMANG - The cultural night.
The fest was first held in the year 2012 under the name AAGHAZ. The AAGHAZ was splendid and it changed into TECHNORITI in 2013, from there onwards, there was no looking back, we competed with our past and endeavoured towards making it grow larger, bigger and better in all aspects. It makes us immensely proud to present TECHNORITI- 16, Ionising Future!


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